Will.i.am and the Mexican from SpaceX create face masks with headphones

The Mexican who designed the SpaceX suits, José Fernández teamed up with rapper Will.i.am to create the first face masks with headphones

The face mask they have become an indispensable element to combat Covid-19. Currently, different models have been created that offer them other functions in addition to protection against viruses.

The Mexican who designed the spacesuits of Spacex, José Fernández teamed up with rapper William Adams, aka Will.i.am, and Honeywell to create the first face mask with earphones.

Xupermask Features

Through the social media the arrival of Xupermask, a smart medical mask that features headphonesbluetooth‘. They can be used both with ios What Android.


“They offer active noise cancellation and magnetic connectivity so they stick to the mask while not in use.”

As a differentiator from others smart mask, the device has sonic isolation, which allows better communication over the phone and listening to music without interference.

Xupermask It does not forget the protection against Covid-19, which is why it includes two HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter) filters and three fans, two of which are surrounded by light-emitting diodes, which are activated in the dark.

Its filters allow the air to flow in a better way compared to common masks since it is more efficient to avoid contagion of Covid-19.

Xupermask It has a silicone face seal that offers total protection to the user and prevents their saliva particles from escaping.

mask with headphones

The mask is made of mesh fabric and silicone, it is held firmly on the face, regardless of whether the user is wearing glasses. The battery promises to last 7 hours, although it can also be used while charging.

Xupermask would be launched on the market at a price of 300 dollars, about 6,050 Mexican pesos, a higher amount than those presented by the smart mask. However, it was revealed that it is a price that conforms to the earphones With the function of suppressing noise.

Starting April 8, the smart mask will be available in the United States with official shipments to Europe and the United Kingdom. At the moment the arrival in other countries is unknown.


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