Why will Instagram ask you for your birthday date?

The app has made it clear that it wants to promote a friendly and safe environment for the young audience. So within these days Instagram will ask all its users to provide their birthday date if they want the platform to continue working as it normally does.

Instagram asks for date of birth to work - Blog Hola TelcelInstagram is one of the most popular social networks where you can post almost everything, from what we are eating, to a cute photo of our four-legged son.

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Registering for Instagram is very simple and, if you want to save time, you can link your user with that of Facebook and thus, in a matter of seconds you will be part of the community.

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Why will Instagram ask you for your birthday date?

Joining Instagram is so easy that the application has decided to put a filter to protect minors. That is why the social network has put an ultimatum to people who have not provided their date of birth.Instagram forces you to put your birthday - Blog Hola Telcel

The message will arrive in a pop-up window when entering the application. But beware, if the user declines the message several times and decides not to provide their data, Instagram will stop serving as it usually does.

Don’t worry, your birthday will not be published and will be kept private once you do. It is simply part of the platform’s efforts to protect minors.

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What changes will there be with this?

Ads targeting to minors will no longer be allowed, explicit content will not be shown to them, and a version is planned that will be focused on content for children.

Instagram asks you for your birthday to protect minors - Blog Hola Telcel Adults will also be prevented from communicating with minors under 18 years of age. With this, Instagram seeks to protect adolescents from contact with people older than them, who will receive a message before writing to a minor to inform them that this option will not be possible.

On the other hand, Instagram will also send notifications to minors in case they are communicating with an adult who presents a potentially suspicious behavior.

What do you think of the new security measures for Instagram? Have you already specified your date of birth in the app? 😉

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