Why see ‘A boss in diapers 2’ on your first visit to the cinema?

After the success of the first installment of A boss in diapers, a sequel was inevitable in which we would have back Ted, the cute baby entrepreneur, and his older brother Tim who, at all costs, tries to get rid of the little boss in diapers.

Ted and Tim become friends in A boss in diapers, which will premiere its second installment very soon- Blog Hola Telcel

Baby Boss is back in A boss in diapers 2!

This second installment starts with adult Ted and Tim who, due to responsibilities and life issues, grew apart over time. Now, thanks to Tim’s daughter, the tender Carol, both brothers will meet again as she is also involved in the Baby Corp family business!

Baby Boss Ted returns for A Boss in Diapers 2: Family Business- Hola Telcel Blog

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The best is yet to come as both Tim and Ted will have to be baby and boy again for a new adventure in which they will have to discover what are the evil plans of Doctor Erwin Armstrong against Baby Corp.

You can not miss this funny animated comedy, whose official theatrical release date is next 1st of July. But first, do not forget to relive the adventures of the Templeton brothers in A boss in diapers, the first installment, available in Clear video in purchase or rent charged to your Telcel Invoice.

Templeton Family welcomes the new Baby Boss in A Boss in Diapers- Hello Telcel Blog

A movie full of great voices

A boss in diapers 2: family business It features the direction of Tom McGrath and an excellent cast of voices: James marsden like tim, Alec baldwin like Ted in his baby version, Jimmy Kimmel as adult Ted, Ariana greenblatt like Tabitha, Amy Sedaris like Tina, Jeff goldblum like Dr. Erwin Armstrong and Eva Longoria like Carol.

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Are you ready for this new adventure? Join Tim and Ted to become children again and do not stop being aware of Hello Telcel and Telcel’s social networks, who have prepared great surprises and special promotions in Rental Plans Y Friend Kit thanks to A boss in diapers 2.

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