Why is the International Kissing Day celebrated every April 13

This April 13, the International Kissing Day 2021, discover why this date was chosen and the reasons why it will be irresistible to celebrate.

The times in which we live have taken us away from hugs and kisses, but you can celebrate with your partner and those with whom you live.

International Kiss Day

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Why is International Kissing Day celebrated?

This celebration is a tribute to the day when a pair of lovers broke the world record for the longest kiss. The contest was held on April 13 in Thailand and the couple kissed for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. Although the mark was already surpassed, the date was designated as the International Kissing Day.

Kisses on social media

In 2021, the hashtag of # International Kiss Day has become a trend on Twitter:



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Why can’t you resist partying?

Giving a kiss today and any date on the calendar brings a list of benefits: it releases hormones that produce happiness, reduces stress, improves our self-esteem and you can burn from 2 to 26 calories per minute depending on how passionate that kiss is.

Now that you know why it is celebrated on this date and what are the benefits of kissing, you have more reasons to kiss that ideal person this April 13.

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If you are a fan of kissing, go writing on your calendar next July 6, since the Day of the Stolen Kiss will be celebrated.

Are you ready to give an unforgettable kiss?

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