Why do Mexicans eat bolillo for fright? Science explains it!

In Mexico there are thousands of beliefs that are passed from generation to generation, for example, shaking yourself when the sharpener passes as a gesture of good luck or the classic of burying a knife in the ground to stop the rains. However, none is as famous as that of eat a roll after a scare, which actually sounds like fun, but did you know it’s 100% real?

It turns out that this belief reached the ears of medical specialists belonging to the Journal of Traumatic Stress, who took the opportunity and did a whole investigation on the subject. The study was a success and is titled Benefits of Bolillo in Posttraumatic Stress Among Mexican People (Benefits of bolillo in post-traumatic stress among Mexicans).

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So, is it true that eating a roll for scare is good?

Yes! The study confirmed that bolillo and in general any type of sweet bread can reduce stress and anxiety. This is because the carbohydrates in bread produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which helps reduce feelings of guilt, fear or nervousness. In this way, a bobbin is like a “pacifier” for the body leading to calm after an alert situation.

This also explains why we get hungrier when we are stressed, since it is the way in which our body asks for carbohydrates to reach a state of relaxation. But, like everything in life, in excess can harm.

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Also, according to experts, not all food restores your calm. For some reason, only sweet and smooth foods are the ones that reduce stress and anxiety.

Some other benefits of bolillo

Among other qualities of bolillo is its high caloric content, since it contains sodium, potassium and is a source of energy. In fact, some nutritionists recommend eating at least one a day, avoiding the crumb part.

On the other hand, eating a roll after a scare also helps reduce the level of heartburn caused by gastric acids derived from adrenaline. Or, it evens out the glucose that drops dramatically after a surprise or traumatic event. Bolillo is pretty much the best!

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But it is clear that no bolillo is enjoyed as much as in a classic Mexican cake. So, this national month do not stop enjoying one and, why not? Take a good photo for Instagram, like lovers of Mexican food.

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Now you know, the next time they suggest you eat a roll for scare, listen to them! Science supports you and who does not believe you, do not hesitate to show this article. 😉

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