Where to see the event where Facebook would announce its new name?

Facebook Connect

Learn what to expect from the new Facebook event where the company is expected to announce its new name

A few days ago a rumor emerged that Facebook would no longer be called that way, at that time it was revealed that the announcement of the new name could be carried out during the Facebook Connect.

This October 28 the company of Mark Zuckerberg will present all the news of its programming and development tools for reality increases and virtual reality.

Inside The Oculus Connect 3 Event

Like last year the facebook event will be made of virtual way. During the celebration there will be development sessions with leaders of the technology giant and the industry, where they will talk about innovation and research in augmented reality and virtual reality.

“We will begin with a keynote address, not to be missed, followed by developer briefings and John Carmack’s signature unscripted commentary. Together we will explore the tools and trends that make interaction in virtual and augmented reality a more immersive and connected experience. And we’ll explore what it takes to bring the metaverse to life. “

One of the company’s most anticipated announcements is whether it will have a new name that encompasses all its services and that is consistent with its evolution.

It is also expected that Mark Zuckerberg reveal more details of your metaverse, virtual world of work. News of Horizon worlds, a virtual reality workplace app and a virtual reality social space.

Facebook Work

It is also expected that Facebook talk about your Pro version of your headphones Oculus Quest. In addition to having news of its first smart glasses, and augmented reality, which have recently been launched by Ray-ban.

When and where to see the Facebook event?

The facebook event where could the new name of the company will begin at 12 noon Mexico time.

Facebook Connect It will be streamed live on the Reality Labs Facebook page.

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