When do the Easter holidays start in Mexico?

Easter represents for many one of the most anticipated vacations in Mexico, so here we explain when they begin, whether or not they are an official break and what are the recommended measures on these dates.

Remember that the most important thing is your well-being and that of your family, so staying home to take care of yourself can also become a fun plan, see our recommendations.

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When does Holy Week start?

Each year the dates are different, this 2021 will begin next Sunday, March 28 and will end a week later, on April 4.

Easter holidays

Is Easter a mandatory break?

In basic education there is a two-week vacation period, marked on the school calendar, from March 29 to April 9.

In the case of workers, the public holidays are Thursday 1, Friday 2 and Sunday 4, but without mandatory rest, that is, it depends on each institution, company or boss the decision to grant the rest or reduce the working day on these days .

What measures should we follow?

The priority will always be to take care of ourselves and not lower our guard in the face of the times we live in. So the suggestion is to avoid crowds and parties, and above all to follow sanitary measures at any time.

Staying at home can turn into an unforgettable family vacation, if we start planning it now. You can take the opportunity to organize a weekend of karaoke, a camp in the garden or in the living room to cool off in a buildable pool, or plan a marathon with the favorite movies or series of each member of the family.

Easter holidays in Mexico

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What other idea can you think of to enjoy Easter at home?

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