WhatsApp: You can now put custom backgrounds on voice calls

The instant messaging application does not want to stop surprising us with new updates in its design. If we had already been presented with the wallpapers to personalize each of our chats; now it will be possible to give this tool a twist, because soon we will be able to put custom wallpapers to whatsapp voice calls.

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Custom backgrounds for WhatsApp voice calls

The information is exclusive to the portal WABetaInfo, which anticipates us that the application is already working on the possibility of seeing the chat wallpaper when making voice calls. In this sense, it should be noted that the tool is still under development and is only visible to users with the beta version of WhatsApp on devices with an iOS system. Although, of course, the developers’ plan is also to extend the tool to Android devices.

Currently, when we make or receive a voice call on WhatsApp, we can see the profile image of our contact, which is framed with a circle in the center of the screen. Likewise, we can visualize a single predetermined wallpaper.

The image below gives us a first look at what the interface would look like with the custom wallpaper for voice calls in the app. However, WhatsApp makes the note that for illustrative purposes they chose the default wallpaper.

Variety of wallpapers available when making voice calls on WhatsApp - Blog Hola Telcel

“As you can see from this screenshot, WhatsApp shows the chat wallpaper when you make a voice call. At the moment, WhatsApp doesn’t display the actual chat wallpaper (since you can select different wallpaper for different chats), but WhatsApp always selects the default one., specified the developers in the publication of WABetaInfo.

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Ready and ready to try the new features of WhatsApp? Surely with the new customizable WhatsApp backgrounds you will be able to know more easily who is calling you. Stay tuned for Blog Hello Telcel for the latest updates to your favorite instant messaging app.

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