WhatsApp: You can now play audios at different speeds!

For weeks, the beta version of WhatsApp revealed a feature in development that would make it easier to hear voice messages. The good news is that it has finally reached the application, it is the new option of being able to play audios at different speeds. We explain how it works.

There are times when sharing voice messages is much more fun and faster than just texting. For this reason, WhatsApp has launched a new function that will help you to make it even easier to listen to and respond to the audios that your friends or acquaintances send you.

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whatsapp voice audios at different speeds

How to speed up audios on WhatsApp?

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The new tool will allow you to listen to all your voice messages at three different speeds. Something that will be very useful with long audios. You will find out about everything faster and you will be able to respond in less time.

In your audio notes, above the profile photo, a new blue button with “1X” now appears. Normal audio speed is 2x, but pressing the button will increase it to 1.5x (50% faster) and 2x (twice as fast). An option similar to what you can find in a podcast or YouTube video.

play audios at different speeds on WhatsApp

By choosing to listen to audio at twice its normal speed, all the voice memos that you play afterwards will be kept at the same speed. If you want to listen to them in a normal way, just press the blue button again.

The function to speed up voice messages is gradually reaching all users, so if it still does not appear, it will be just a matter of being patient. Remember to first verify that you have your WhatsApp app updated.

You can finally chat with your friends and find out everything in less time!

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