WhatsApp will update your video calls and this is what they will look like!

The world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp, continues to work on a series of news that could come together in the next updates. All of them are in the beta version of the application, which means that it will not be long before they are officially launched, but what are they about?

WhatsApp presents the news that will improve the users' video calling experience - Hola Telcel blog

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WhatsApp and the news that are about to reach the app

It was recently revealed that among the new functions that WhatsApp prepares, some are focused on giving video calls more tools so that users enjoy them much more. One of them is a redesign of the interface and the other is the ability to join a video call already started.

New design in video calls

The beta testers, who have already been able to appreciate the new interface of WhatsApp video calls, assure that the design is similar to that of Apple’s FaceTime. This includes a relocation of buttons that allow you to mute the microphone or activate the camera.

These buttons will be at the bottom of the screen, facilitating the experience for users. While a new tab, which informs who is participating in the video call, will be located below the aforementioned buttons.

New design in WhatsApp video calls, with buttons at the bottom and a list of participating contacts - HolaTelcel blog
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The ability to join a video call at any time

Another of the big changes that WhatsApp will have with respect to video calls is that it will now be possible to join at any time. To do this, it will be enough to have received the invitation to join, regardless of whether the video call has started.

In these cases, the administrator of the video call will receive a notification that a guest wants to join and will have the option to accept or reject it, the latter in case it is an unknown contact.

WhatsApp video calls will have a new design between the next updates of the app.- Blog Hola Telcel

The news presented here could come in the next WhatsApp update. They are expected to be tools that allow the app to compete against video calling applications such as Zoom, which has these types of functions and has facilitated communication between friends and family in recent months.

Happy man, because you already received the news of WhatsApp in video calls - Hello Telcel blog

To receive the new WhatsApp functions, just have your application updated and they will automatically reach your platform. So you can enjoy them, taking advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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These are just some of the news that will come to WhatsApp soon, so tell us which one do you expect the most? 🤔

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