WhatsApp will suggest the ideal stickers for your chats

Chats become more emotional by adding fun to them stickers. These small images, still or moving, allow us to express feelings or reactions that, in writing, would not attract so much attention. To make this even easier, WhatsApp is developing a new function that will suggest the sticker ideal in every conversation.

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whatsapp will suggest stickers

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WhatsApp will search for you the stickers ideals

WhatsApp has paid a lot of attention to how stickers or stickers have become so popular. Therefore, it is continuously developing new tools that make it easier to use in chats, such as its seeker of stickers, the option of import your own stickers animated and until recent Deep links. This time, WhatsApp is about to release a function that will remind you that there is a sticker that you can use, depending on what you type.

According to WaBetaInfo, the new tool already appears in the beta version of the messaging app. Its use will be simple, since it will analyze the first word you have written in a chat and will search stickers related. When one or more is found, the keyboard icon will light up and change to the keyboard icon. stickers. By pressing it you will see the available options. The following video shows how it works.

It is still unknown when this option will arrive in the official versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, but it is expected to be in the coming weeks. Remember to always keep your app updated so that you are one of the first to release this new tool that will suggest the best ones stickers in your chats. You’ll save a lot of searching time!

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