WhatsApp will launch a new interface for your voice messages


The new WhatsApp interface will show the sound waves of the voice messages in the bubbles, the amplitude will depend on the volume of the speaker

WhatsApp continues to work to improve its service. A few days before the end of 2022 it was revealed that the platform will launch new interface for their voice messages.

In accordance with WABetaInfo the audio messages will look like a sound wave which will have different amplitudes and it will depend on the volume of the speaker’s voice.

WhatsApp new interface

The application will now display a graphical representation of the sound wave that was recorded when recording the content. So it will be different each time.

According to the developers this new interface from WhatsApp It will allow users to fast-forward the audio when they notice that it is a long pause.

Both users will be able to observe the new interface, however they will also have the possibility to return to the appearance of the voice messages of before.

In other words, if the user deactivates the new function, they will continue to have the same interface that voice messages have up to now.

Specific beta testers can now see speech waveforms in chat bubbles. But not always: you can see voice waveforms for your voice memos if the feature is enabled for your WhatsApp account. But the voice waveforms may still not appear when receiving a voice memo from someone who has the feature disabled. Or when the voice memo has been recorded using an old version of WhatsApp ┬╗

WhatsApp voice messages

The outlet reported that this new tool has already begun to appear in the beta testers of the application for ios and Android, but it is not yet available globally.

According to the portal, the new interface for voice messages it will reach versions for Android and 2.21.2 0.18 for iOS. Although at the moment there is no confirmed information.

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