WhatsApp will integrate floating windows to watch videos!

About some months ago WhatsApp has worked to improve its operation by integrating new tools that contribute to making the experience within the app more satisfactory for its more than two billion users. Among them, a new one has been unveiled, it is floating windows to watch videos at the same time.

Floating windows in style ‘picture to picture’ They are a new way to play videos without having to download them and without leaving WhatsApp. In fact, it will include several extra features, such as the ability to fast-forward or pause the videos so that users can continue chatting while enjoying the content.

Now you can watch videos in floating windows through WhatsApp.- Blog Hola Telcel

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WhatsApp will allow you to view videos from a floating window

As part of these improvements that WhatsApp has been working on, it will also be possible to increase or decrease the floating windows to adjust them to the ideal size and place them somewhere on the screen. This while the user continues to interact and share messages with the rest of their contacts.

For now, this new feature is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. This means that it is in a testing phase so that it will be officially launched very soon.

Person testing the new floating windows of WhatsApp to watch videos in the background - Hola Telcel blog

Become a beta tester!

If you want to try the news that is coming to WhatsApp before the others, you can join as betatester to the application through this link. But remember that there is a long waiting list of many other people who also want to take the opportunity. So if you are lucky, you could reach a place.

Join WhatsApp Beta as a beta tester and test before all the features that are yet to come.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Discover through Hello Telcel what’s new to come to one of your favorite apps and tell us, what do you think of being able to watch videos while you continue to chat with your friends through WhatsApp? 😀

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