WhatsApp will have a new design with Messenger-style bubbles

WhatsApp continues working on interesting news that will soon be part of the app officially. Some will serve as important tools, while others will make the design something newer and more attractive, for example, new rounded bubbles for WhatsApp messages.

Round chat bubbles, new design for WhatsApp inspired by Messenger- Blog Hola Telcel

WhatsApp launches a new design for its chat bubbles

Thanks to information shared by WABetaInfo, it is known that chat bubbles will have a new design, where they are more pleasant and with a more stylized appearance. It is a change that will gradually come to the application and is already in the WhatsApp beta version

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Basically what changes is the design of the text messages, the boxes where they are sent, also known as “Chat bubbles”. These will be more rounded at the corners, similar to those of Facebook Messenger.

New design of chat bubbles in WhatsApp, images shared by WABetaInfo.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: WABetaInfo

It is unknown when this new update will arrive to WhatsApp, it is expected that very soon and for this you must have the most renewed version. Make sure of it through Google play and take advantage that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

How to activate floating bubbles in WhatsApp like in Messenger?

If you like the idea that WhatsApp integrate elements similar to those of Facebook Messenger in its design, then you will love knowing this trick, where it is possible to activate floating bubbles in chats and that they appear on your other applications.

To achieve this you just have to follow this step by step and your WhatsApp will be transformed into Messenger style.

1. Download Notifly since Google Play.

2. Give permission for the app to access your WhatsApp notifications.
3. Deactivate those apps where you don’t want the notifications to appear as a bubble, such as Telegram or Twitter, and that’s it.

Notifly, Google Play app to create floating bubbles in WhatsApp chats- Blog Hola Telcel

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With Notifly You will receive all the notifications of your Messenger-style conversations, with a floating bubble and the profile photo of the contact who wrote you. A great alternative in which we await the update of WhatsApp with its new design. 😉

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