WhatsApp will have a new design in the voice notes that you will love!

The developers of WhatsApp They continue to work on new alternatives to grow the application. On this occasion, it has been revealed that a new design in the voice notes is yet to come, in which the sound waves can be observed while the audios are listened to and recorded.

WhatsApp will have a change in voice notes - Hello Telcel blog

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WhatsApp and its new update

According to information shared by the specialized portal, WABetaInfo, the update of the WhatsApp beta version It already has the new design in the voice notes, where the sound waves are shown in the audio notes, replacing the playback bar that had accompanied the app since its launch.

Current design of the WhatsApp audios, which will change very soon.- Hello Telcel blog

In addition, with the new design, the voice waves change color to a darker gray while listening to the audio to indicate what second or minute the playback is going on. Not to mention that this new update will also allow you to listen to or delete a voice message before sending it.

New design of the audios, which is already available in the beta mode of WhatsApp.- Blog Hola Telcel

A feature available in ‘beta mode’

Being a feature in development and in ‘beta mode’, this new design may be modified until the developers find the ideal and it is ready for the big launch officially in the application. So for the moment only beta testers they can make use of the new WhatsApp audio player.

WhatsApp audios will have a new design with sound waves - Hola Telcel blog

It is unknown when the new design of WhatsApp. However, this will complement perfectly with the new playback speeds, where it is possible to listen to an audio in half the time. A function that you can enjoy thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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What do you think of the new design in the WhatsApp audios? Doesn’t it remind you of Instagram or Facebook? 🤔

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