WhatsApp will have a global audio player and outside the chat

WhatsApp audio

They reveal that the new WhatsApp update will allow users to listen to audios outside of the chat so you can switch to another without pause

WhatsApp keep working to improve your audio service, it is now revealed that users will be able to listen to the background voice messages.

According to WABetaInfo the new update shows a global audio player, so people can go from one chat to another without a pause in the audio message.

The media pointed out that this new function will have the name of ‘Global Voice Notes Player’ and will allow the user to follow listening to your audio While browse WhatsApp.

WhatsApp voice notes

Currently if you listen to an audio and change chat, the voice memo stops playing. But this situation would be about to change with a new update.

WhatsApp allows a voice memo to be played in the background, but only outside of the app.

“The user can start playing a message and navigate the home screen of their smartphone or access other applications, and the message will continue to play”

For its new function, the app will include a kind of player that will be at the top of the application. And it will allow the user to “pause, resume and discard the voice memo. And you can even have access to a bar to see the progress of the audio.

East external player It will even show the sender’s name and their profile picture to help identify where the audio is coming from.


At the moment there is no more information about this possible function of WhatsApp, since it would be in development.

So it is unknown when it will reach all WhatsApp users in Android and in iPhone. However, it promises to be an interesting function for the users of this instant messaging platform, who will now have things easier when it comes to listening to a voice message.

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