WhatsApp will allow you to move your chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp move your chats from Android to iOS

It is expected that at some point in 2021 a new function will arrive on WhatsApp that will allow us to officially migrate chats from Android to iOS

WhatsApp has become the app most popular worldwide, it constantly launches new tools that captivate its followers. However, one of the most anticipated functions is the possibility of move your chats from Android to iOS.

That is, a function that allows you to pass your conversations regardless of the operating system. Although there are third-party options, people expect an official form that comes from the same platform.


According to some reports presented in WABetaInfo, this new tool would arrive in the next update of WhatsApp.

Users could move your chats from Android to iOS, since some options do not make the transfer in a complete way, losing some conversations along the way.

Experts assure that until now this function had not been possible since the conversations are saved in different parts depending on the operating system that is used.

In Android the backup of the chats of WhatsApp is done in Google Drive, while in ios it’s through iCloud. So when restoring the backup it could only be taken if it was taken from each of the official storage services.

So far the change of operating system it was complicated as individuals had to resort to third-party versions that could pose a risk to people.

move your chats from Android to iOS

Or export the messages and files through email, however it was only done in selected chats.

WABetaInfo highlighted that at the moment it is unknown when the function would be available for move your chats from Android to iOS.

As the months progress, the beta versions of this new tool should appear and later a stable version.

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