WhatsApp will allow you to choose the quality with which you want to send images

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To prevent your cell phone storage from filling up, WhatsApp will allow users to choose the size of the images that are sent

Even if WhatsApp is the messaging app most popular worldwide, it does not stop innovating its service to offer its users new functions.

One of the big problems when sharing files on the platform is that the memory of the device runs out quickly. To solve this problem, the company would be working on a new tool that will allow choosing the image quality at the time of shipment.


Wabetainfo revealed that in the new test version this tool was found that would allow choosing the images size you want to send.

According to the information provided, the user of WhatsApp you can choose between three different options. In addition to improving your storage, you can also save data by drastically lowering the image resolution.

  1. Automatic: It will allow the content to be shared according to the speed of the internet connection.
  2. High quality: Will send the image in the highest resolution possible.
  3. Data saving: It will perform the maximum possible compression.

It should be noted that the app did not create this function regarding the image quality, but with the type of connection you have. Since in this way the delivery of content can be accelerated.

WhatsApp new function images

So far it is unknown when this function could reach all users of WhatsAppHowever, it is expected to be in a few weeks.

“Currently it is already possible to change the compression of the files in WhatsApp. However, it is a manual and somewhat tedious task that involves changing the extension of a file to send it as a document instead of an image or video “

According to some reports, it is possible that users not only can choose the quality of the images, but it would also be available for videos and other multimedia content.

Wabetainfo revealed that at the moment it is only being tested in Android, so the users of ios they will have to wait longer.

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