WhatsApp will add account verification per call, what is it about?

If we talk about updates, WhatsApp It is the application that releases the most functions and tools from time to time. This to keep users in front of innovative proposals such as those of Telegram.

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One of the novelties that is to come in the most popular instant messaging app in the world is the account verification through calls and here we tell you what it is about. 👇

Incoming call from WhatsApp, new function to verify account- HolaTelcel Blog

WhatsApp and the new Flash call to verify accounts

In accordance with WABetaInfo, the site specialized in WhatsApp, the app is developing a new function to reinstall or enter our account as part of the verification process, where the system will make a quick call to our number that will automatically validate our identity without having to enter one password or even answer the call.

Pop-up window that notifies users to receive a WhatsApp call and verify account- HolaTelcel Blog
Photo: WABetaInfo

So that WhatsApp can perform account verification by calling, the app must have access to your phone’s call log and verify that the number you entered to open your account is the same to which the call will be directed. This is because each number is created randomly, making it impossible to spoof the code and have someone else try to use your account.

Access to call history so that WhatsApp can verify the account- HolaTelcel Blog
Photo: WABetaInfo

This new function is called Flash call Y WhatsApp You have ensured that the information you obtain regarding the call log will not be shared or used in any other way. This means that privacy and security remain paramount for the app.

Important aspects about Flash call

On the other hand, in addition to the photos shared by WABetaInfo, the portal also mentioned three details that should not be overlooked with the arrival of the Flash call:

1. This function will not be implemented in WhatsApp in order to ios, because Manzana does not offer any public API to read call history.

2. This function is optional, so you can continue by logging into WhatsApp confirming the six digit code receiving an SMS or call.

3. WhatsApp It will not use the call history for other purposes, and will simply compare the last entry in your call history with the phone number that is supposed to call you.

Man receiving a call as part of the new WhatsApp function to verify accounts- HolaTelcel Blog

For now there is no official launch date for the Flash call, but it is believed that they will arrive very soon. What’s more, WhatsApp it could include statements that explain how it works as it happened with the new security policies. A function that you can enjoy thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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What do you think of the Flash call?, Do you think it is a more secure method to verify that nobody else uses your WhatsApp account? 🤔

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