WhatsApp: What does “PLOX” mean and why does everyone love to use it?

Although Spanish has rules and regulations for its correct use, the truth is that they are not always applied in social networks, since no one is obliged to write correctly and most of them are free to express themselves as they please. In this way, terms have emerged from combinations between words that have become popular, one of them is “PLOX” Know that means?

You’ve probably seen it on several of your favorite social networks, especially on WhatsApp, and is that “PLOX” It is not a new term, it has been in use for many years. But you still have time to decipher its real meaning!

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What does “PLOX” mean on WhatsApp and other social networks?

According to the site Meaning of that publishes the definition of terms used in social networks, “PLOX” It is a way of saying ‘“Please”, but in a friendly way, very confident and much shorter than “Please”.

“PLOX” emerged among video game fans, who during their online games began to use the term as a key to support each other and defeat the enemy. As is often the case with terms coined in digital environments, the meaning of “PLOX” was soon discovered and began to be used in social networks.

“It is a term used by users of video games and the Internet, which means ‘Please'”, Mentions Meaning of.PLOX is used to say please between friends - Blog Hola Telcel

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Anyone is free to use it as they please, especially to lose something in a fun way, not so formal and among friends.

So now you know, next time someone writes to you “PLOX” you will know exactly what it means and you will be able to respond appropriately. Or, you can start using it in your favorite chats, taking advantage of the fact that with your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills You have unlimited social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Know the meaning of PLOX to use it correctly in your conversations - Hello Telcel blog

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