WhatsApp Web: This is how you can activate Facebook reactions in chats

Thanks to Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging application in the world, the web version, WhatsApp Web, has also worked on new features to please the millions of users who occupy it daily. However, there is still much to discover and even tricks to try, like integrating Facebook reactions into the platform.

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Facebook Reactions

Just as you read, it is possible to use the Facebook reactions on WhatsApp. All you need is to follow a couple of steps and make use of a completely secure Google extension that will allow the trick to work.

How do Facebook reactions work on WhatsApp Web?

With this simple trick you will be able to react to the different messages you receive from your friends and contacts with the classics ‘it amuses me’, ‘I like it’, ‘I love it’, ‘I care’, ‘it amazes me’, ‘it saddens me’ and ‘it pisses me off’. This way you will give a different touch to your chats and you will even be able to express yourself in a better way with those you chat with.

Facebook Reactions on WhatsApp Web

How to get Facebook reactions on WhatsApp Web?

1. Enter the Google Chrome search engine from your browser.
2. Click on the extension WA Web for WhatsApp.
3. Now enter WhatsApp Web from Google Chrome in another tab.
4. Once there you will notice a “+” icon circled.
5. Click on it and choose the option “Enable Facebook reactions”.
6. Enter any chat, select a message and react to it as if you were on Facebook.

WhatsApp Web extension Google Plus

Expected soon Whatsapp consider integrating Facebook reactions between chats; a function that you can enjoy from the mobile app thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage. In the meantime, we guarantee that this simple trick is a lot of fun and useful.

WhatsApp Web Chats

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