WhatsApp: Trick to see the photos that disappear more than once

WhatsApp is on its premiere and it is that it recently launched the option of photos that disappear and that they can only be seen by the recipient once. However, the ingenuity of Internet users is always greater and a trick has been discovered to see these photos on several occasions and go unnoticed.

Homer disappearing as the new function of WhatsApp - Hello Telcel blog

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Here we share the step by step to apply the new trick, but first you should know that it only works if you have not previously opened the photo in WhatsApp. If not, you will no longer have a chance to see it one more time.

Now, if you received a photo that disappears and you have not seen it, this is the method to enjoy it more times:

How to see the photos that disappear from WhatsApp more than once?

1. Login to WhatsApp Web from your computer.
2. Activate the ‘Airplane mode’ on your phone. This way your computer and smartphone will not be synchronized.
3. Open the disappearing photo from WhatsApp Web. With this method you will be able to see it over and over again, without the other person knowing that you opened it.
4. Once you close WhatsApp Web and deactivate the ‘Airplane mode’, You will only have one chance to see the photo and then it will disappear.

The trick is very simple, the only disadvantage is that for it to work you must use the classic WhatsApp Web, since if you do it through the new one that integrates the ‘multi-device’ functionality, it will not matter if you activate the ‘Airplane mode’ on your phone, WhatsApp from your computer will work independently.

Trick to see more than once the photos that disappear from WhatsApp Web.- Blog Hola Telcel

How to send photos that disappear?

If you have not tried this new feature yet, you should know that it is simpler than it seems. In addition, with this tool you further protect your privacy and security when sharing multimedia content through WhatsApp.

1. Login to WhatsApp and after the chat you want to share a photo with.
2. Click on the camera icon next to the option to write messages.
3. Take a photo or select one from your gallery.
4. When you have your photo ready, a dotted circle with the number “1” will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the icon to activate it and it will automatically turn green.
5. Submit your photo and you’re done. You will have sent a photo that will disappear once the recipient opens it.

How to send photos that disappear after seeing them once on WhatsApp - Hola Telcel blog

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For many, disappearing photos have been one of the best WhatsApp news. For you, which do you think is the best of all?

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