WhatsApp: This is the true meaning of the devil emojis

Over time the emojis have become an important part of WhatsApp. These help to better express what we are trying to say and add a fun touch to conversations. For that reason, WhatsApp It has not stopped working on more designs to please its users around the world.

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Meaning of emojis WhatsApp home and party

Despite the existence of countless emojis on WhatsApp and that most of them are very intuitive; there are some whose meaning is different from that used on a daily basis. Such is the case of devil emojis, those of purple color, whose meaning few know.

Meaning of the devil emojis

According to Emojipedia, the official site that explains the origin and reasons for the existence of emojis; the devil ones have a different purpose. For this reason there is one smiling and another angry.

In the case of the angry little devil, this can represent the Halloween parties. Or, it also works to express feelings like annoyance, anger, or an evil idea.

Angry little devil emoji meaning

On the other hand, the smiling devil, which is more used than the previous one, represents the desire to do mischief or to hide an evil that has already been done.

Little devil emojis smiling meaning

Other emojis and their meaning

In addition to the devil emojis, close to them there are two more emojis whose meaning is even more unknown and that many people have wondered about. We talk about the emoji with a devil mask and the one with an ogre face.

The first of them is a goblin, a supernatural creature of Japanese culture. This emoji is a representation of a proud cheater figure from Japanese folklore and denotes evil, anger, or mischievous behavior.

WhatsApp devil mask emoji

While the ogre named Namahage, is also a very popular Japanese character at New Year’s festivities; where people usually wear masks with their face. Its purpose is to encourage children to behave well, ward off bad vibes and welcome the new year with tradition.

Ogre emoji meaning in WhatsApp

Although each emoji can have its own meaning, this does not necessarily have to be the case. You can use them to your liking, taking advantage of that with your Unlimited Friend of Telcel you have unlimited social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, to continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

WhatsApp texting gif

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Enjoy your favorite emojis and tell us, did you already know the meaning of the little devils? 😈

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