WhatsApp: Step by step to get the new Christmas emojis

Christmas is just beginning and we all feel like having a new release; Even WhatsApp it happens to him. This is how the world’s most popular instant messaging app has launched a new collection of emojis; among which includes some Christmas to celebrate the occasion.

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Santa Claus sticker WhatsApp

Among the emojis, some new animals stand out, such as a polar bear or a seal. Parts of the human body such as the heart and lungs have also been included. However, the Christmas emojis are the most prominent, as they are part of a new collection of WhatsApp that arrive at the right time considering that this Christmas will be very different from the previous ones.

How to get the new Christmas emojis from WhatsApp

To get these new emojis, you must have the latest update to the app. It is not necessary to install external apps, the update arrives automatically on Android and iOS devices and with it new functions such as the new wallpapers and the sticker finder.

New Christmas emojis for WhatsApp

How to know what version I have

The version of WhatsApp that corresponds to the most up-to-date is, which has the new collection of Christmas emojis. To know if you have it, you must do the following procedure:

1. Go to the menu Settings from your phone.
2. Select the option that says Applications.
3. Enter WhatsApp and choose the option that says Application Info.
4. Once there, the version you currently have will appear.

How to know the version of WhatsApp you have

There is a way to update it and it is by entering Google play and selecting the option. But if in your case it is not available yet, do not worry, at some point it will reach all devices Android Y iOS.

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Christmas gift jumping emoji

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If you are one of the lucky ones who already has the new collection of Christmas emojis for WhatsApp; do not hesitate to share your favorites with us and make the most of them this Christmas.

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