WhatsApp: So you can change the ringtone of the app

Around the world WhatsApp It is known as the most popular messaging app, which has allowed people to connect and maintain communication despite everyone being at home. Much of this is thanks to the calls and video calls that can also be made within the application, but did you know that you can customize your ringtones?

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Carrot phone incoming enemy call

WhatsApp allows you to change the alert tone of notifications or calls to some users, in order to identify with the simple sound who is the one who is dialing or sending messages. This is a hidden trick in the app that few have known how to take advantage of, so here we share it with you. 😉

How to change the ringtone of WhatsApp?

1. Enter WhatsApp from your phone.
2. Enter the conversation of the contact you want to give a personalized ringtone.
3. Click on your profile picture and select “Customize notifications”.

Customize WhatsApp notifications

4. Check the option “Personalized notifications”.

5. Now go to the section “Notification tone” in Message notifications and “Tone” in Call Notifications, where you can choose your favorite song from the files on your phone.

Ringtone ringtone WhatsApp notifications personalized

5. Done. When you’re done, every time you get a notification or call from your friend, that special ringtone of your choice will be heard.

Remember that for these tricks and new functions to reach your mobile WhatsApp, you must have the app updated, which you can do from Google play and don’t miss out on any new tools.

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