WhatsApp releases 115 new emojis on Android

Emoticons make our chats more fun and we have many options, from happy faces, hearts, professions, climates, food, animals, to a great variety of objects. But maybe these are never enough. WhatsApp knows it and that is why this time it has prepared a new pack of emojis for Android.

new whatsapp emojis

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New WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp is almost ready to update it for Android version, where it adds 115 new emojis.

The emojis coming to Android include men and women in wedding dresses or feeding a baby bottle. Plus 12 animals like a black cat, jerry can, mammoth, polar bear, and more. And if you love food conversations, there are 8 different food emojis you can use.

new whatsapp emojis

The new WhatsApp creations will allow you to send your friends, family and contacts, messages full of good wishes at this time, because they are also included christmas specials. Characters with Christmas hats will fill your conversations with Christmas spirit!

You can use these emojis when the update is available for all Android phones. For now, they have already been adapted from the Unicode Consortium’s 13.0 Emoji library.

The novel figures will join the 138 emojis we met in early September, which includes people of different hair colors, as well as people in motorized wheelchairs.

What is the new emoji that you will include in your favorites?

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