WhatsApp released a secret update that changed your privacy?

In social networks and through chats, the news has been shared that WhatsApp has launched a new secret update that alters the privacy of its users. This is true? Read on and find out if there are any changes to your app.

The official update of Terms and Conditions The most recent WhatsApp is on May 15. However, in recent days a rumor has emerged that the platform has included changes that modified the privacy terms without warning.

Does WhatsApp have a new update?

The account of Mobberley NW on Twitter he posted a few days ago that the application has reset the chat group settings to default. Which would reduce the safety of users without their authorization.


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This implies that anyone, whether or not they are your contact, can add you to a WhatsApp group without your permission. “These people can include fraudulent messages, loan sharks, etc.”, explains the Twitter post.

Is this true? The WhatsApp official blog It has not announced anything of a new update, which confirms that it is only a rumor. But, then, are there or are there no changes to the app? The configuration mentioned by Mobberley NW, has not actually been modified, in addition, it is easy to review and modify at any time, if you wish. Here we explain the steps you must follow.

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How to check your privacy on WhatsApp

    • Enter WhatsApp
    • Open the Menu (These are the three vertical dots in the upper right corner).
    • Choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy’.
    • Click on the section ‘Groups ”.
    • You will see the options: ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ Y ‘My contacts, except … ‘

      You must choose the last two options.

How to check your privacy on WhatsApp and identify if there is a secret update

By doing this, you are restricting access to your account only to people you know, such as friends or family. The rest of the users who wish to add you to a WhatsApp group must send you a private message to request your entry.

As you can see, there is no secret update, it is just a matter of checking your privacy settings and adjusting them.

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