WhatsApp postpones the implementation of changes to its conditions


After the controversy generated by the exchange of data with Facebook, WhatsApp backtracks and delays its new conditions

Last january 6 WhatsApp announced changes in its terms of use. In case people do not accept they could not continue to use your services.

Immediately there was great controversy over the exchange of data with FacebookAlthough the company announced that the conversations will remain secret, users complained that the app will share data with the other platforms of Mark Zuckerberg.

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In this sense the platform explained that the data will be shared for commercial reasons, something that would have annoyed users.

WhatsApp he intended to implement his new terms of use on February 8, but after the controversy generated, the decision was made to postpone the update of its privacy policy.

Through its blog, the platform reported that with the intention of clearing up the confusion about its changes, the decision has been made to delay the date. To avoid misinformation and generate concern among its users.

“We are now rolling back the date that people will be asked to review and agree to the terms. No one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8 “


In this sense WhatsApp He pointed out that these days they will focus their actions so that their users can understand the changes in their conditions and now they will come into effect on May 15.

“We are also going to do a lot more to clear up misinformation about how privacy and security works on WhatsApp. Then we will gradually go to people to review the policy at their own pace. Before the new trading options are available on May 15 “

After WhatsApp sent your changes to the terms of use, many people have moved to other messaging apps. In recent days there has been an increase in the number of users of Telegram and Signal.

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