WhatsApp Pink: What is it and how good is it to download it on your phone?

WhatsApp Pink is a new unofficial version of WhatsApp that has begun to circulate on social networks and that thousands of users have decided to download since it supposedly offers new and improved functions. However, WhatsApp Pink It is not as safe as you think and here we will tell you everything about it. 👇

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What is WhatsApp Pink?

Thanks to information shared by Andro4all, medium specialized in applications, it is known that WhatsApp Pink It is a modified version of WhatsApp which promises many more functions, but has generated some problems in those who have downloaded it.

WhatsApp Pink what is it and why is it dangerous

According to what is published by the specialized media, this app is a virus that circulates on social networks and that, when downloaded, immediately installs itself on your smartphone. A virus that can damage your operating system and, in more difficult cases, access your personal information. So, obviously, we do not recommend downloading it for any reason and always pay close attention.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Pink malware

How to know when an app is safe and when it is not?

For the most part, unofficial versions of WhatsApp are never available on Google play or App Store, but in portals of third parties of unknown origin. They are even pages that simulate the design of the official sites, but they are not the originals.

To ensure that an application is correct and not take risks, always check that they are available in Google play Y App Store, as both online stores make developers meet certain requirements to be able to join. Otherwise they could be unauthorized fake versions.

Touch screen phone

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Now you know, WhatsApp Pink it is nothing more than malware browsing social networks, so do not install it and share this information with your friends. 😉

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