WhatsApp or Facebook? Which one has more secure temporary messages?

Now you can send messages that disappear in no time in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Find out which app offers you more privacy.

WhatsApp launched the temporary messages a few weeks ago, which disappear after a week. A function similar to that of Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which added messages that self-destruct. Faced with this trend, it is inevitable to ask ourselves: Which of these messaging apps offer more privacy to their users?

temporary messages on social networks

All these ephemeral messages are intended to give you more privacy; since, as its name implies, what you share in a chat will disappear in a short time with this function activated.

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What temporary messages are more secure?

Temporary WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp messages that are deleted after seven days will be able to remain on the platform in case you quote them in a reply, forward them or your contact takes a screenshot. In addition to that they can also be kept in your backup in the cloud.

temporary messages on whatsapp

Instagram’s “Vanish Mode”

On Instagram, you can send messages that automatically disappear from the conversation when viewed by your recipient. When activated, the chat history darkens and disappears after being read: photos, videos and text. In addition, it also alerts you if the other person takes a screenshot of the conversation.

Secret Facebook Messenger conversations

According to an article published by Forbes, the app that offers more security and privacy in your messages is Facebook Messenger. The reason is that the app offers secret conversations, where the content is encrypted from one end to the other. In each chat you will find a message slider that ranges from five seconds to one day.

facebook ephemeral mode

Remember that Facebook Messenger messages are integrated into Instagram, so the security they offer is the same.

For activate the “Vanish mode” or “ephemeral mode” of Facebook and Instagram, you just have to follow these steps:

  • In any Messenger conversation, swipe-up and a message will appear stating that when you release, the ephemeral mode will be activated.
  • Upon release, a new screen will appear explaining the new mode and the background of the conversation will turn black.
  • You will simply have to accept and voila, you will be in the new ephemeral mode.
  • To deactivate this function, you just have to press the button at the top.

Which messaging app do you find the most reliable and easy to use?

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