WhatsApp: New functions to sell and make purchases

WhatsApp in addition to being a means to be able to keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers; It is also a great tool for entrepreneurs in its Business version. The app offers various options for businesses to keep in touch with their customers. This time, WhatsApp has launched new options to make purchases and sell products. Find out what they are and what is their usefulness.

whatsapp shopping

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WhatsApp news to make purchases and sales

The WhatsApp app has become a service where customers can send their questions about products, while companies can manage their sales. To help make this much more practical, WhatsApp Business has just released two updates to its shopping tools and this is how they work:

Managing a catalog from WhatsApp web / desktop

Business catalogs on WhatsApp Business is one of the most used options by millions of businesses, where potential buyers can see the products they want to purchase. Now this tool can also be used in the WhatsApp Web or desktop version, both by users and by companies.

new whatsapp inventory features
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This will be of great help to entrepreneurs, as they can manage their inventory and add new items and services from their computer.

Hide unavailable items

This is one of the most requested functions by buyers. When someone wants to buy a product, they put it on their whatsapp cart and send the order in the form of a message; However, until now, the customer did not know the availability of the items until after ordering.

WhatsApp Business launches the option to “hide” specific products from the catalog that are out of stock stock, which saves a lot of time in the process of a purchase.

What do you think of these WhatsApp news? Have you made purchases or sales with this service?

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