WhatsApp launches a new sticker search engine on iPhone and Android!

One of the most anticipated WhatsApp tools for months is the sticker search engine, the good news is that it is finally available in the app! We show you how easy it works, both on Android and iPhone.

Find out how it works and how to activate it. Enjoy all the news of WhatsApp taking advantage of the fact that this and all the apps of your favorite social networks are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best coverage.

Until now, if in the middle of a conversation you wanted to answer with an emotional sticker, your friend or partner had to wait for you to find the ideal one to answer, among your entire collection. Something very different from what happens with Gifs, that with writing a related word, a great variety of options immediately appears.

new WhatsApp sticker search engine

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The new way to use the WhatsApp sticker search engine

The new sticker search engine is an improved version of the one we met a weeks ago; which allowed you to find a sticker using a keyword, an emoji or browsing between the categories: happy, sad, angry, celebration, greeting and love.

In this renewed tool you can use phases combined with emojis. To understand how simple WhatsApp works, he has published a small video on Twitter:


According to what is shown in the clip, this tool works with the sticker packages that you have downloaded from the same app on your iPhone or Android device. In case you can’t find the ideal one, the same service will allow you to download new collections.

Now that you know this new feature, start using it as soon as possible in all your chats and be the fastest person to respond with the best stickers.

To use this search engine, remember to download the latest WhatsApp update, either from Google play or from App Store.

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