WhatsApp launches a new function to create personalized ‘stickers’

You will no longer have to download any application to create stickers customized. Now WhatsApp allows you to upload any image so that you can edit it within the app and finally send it in format sticker.

Lee: It’s here! So you can activate the new WhatsApp ‘stickers’ search engine!

How to use the new WhatsApp tool to create stickers custom?

A few weeks ago WhatsApp implemented new features to edit images from the desktop version and this morning it has surprised all users with a new tool so you can create stickers customized from the platform.

It is very easy to start using it. All you have to do is open any chat from WhatsApp Web and select the clip icon. Later, click on the new ‘Sticker’ tool that you can locate between ‘Photos and videos’ and ‘Camera’.

How to create your own sticker from WhatsApp?  - Blog Hola Telcel

Once you select ‘Sticker’, WhatsApp will automatically open the files on your computer for you to choose the image you want to edit and convert into sticker.

After choosing the image you want, you will see several editing tools (the same ones that we have previously tested in WhatsApp) such as ‘Emoji’, ‘Text’ and ‘Paint’. To this list is added a new icon in the shape of a scissors called ‘Contour’ and with which you can draw the outline you want for your stickers customized. Consider that you have to make the stroke in one go, so if you want to cut out two different parts of the image, you will have to create two stickers different.

This new WhatsApp tool to create stickers You can use it from today on WhatsApp Web and next week it will be released in the desktop version. So take advantage of that with Internet in your Telcel House you have the best Internet connection, with 10 Mbps, access to Claro video and #TelcelLaMejorRed browsing with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Still can’t see the new icon on WhatsApp Web?

If you still cannot see the new ‘Sticker’ icon in your chats, it is probably because your version of WhatsApp Web has not been updated. Just re-link your mobile device with WhatsApp Web from your computer, and voila!

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Now that it will be easier to customize your stickersTell us, do you already know which image you will edit to release this new tool?

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