WhatsApp launches 2 functions, one on cell phones and one in web version

This 2021, WhatsApp has shown that it is willing to renew itself, with this we are not only referring to changes in its privacy conditions, if not that it has also implemented new tools. The messaging app aims to improve the experience of its users, for this reason it has revealed two new functions, one of them for the web version and the other for the mobile version.

We recently gave you a preview of new tools such as the sticker search engine. This time, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is preparing a new tool for users of the app on Android.

new whatsapp features

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What is the latest WhatsApp feature that will appear on your cell phone?

The new feature in the mobile app will allow you to mute the videos before sharing them with your friends and contacts. You can send the videos with greater discretion. You may want to show them how happy your puppy is playing in the park without background noise or part of your day but without sound.

According to the information revealed, an option will appear in the video editing window that will allow you to select whether you want to send a video clip with the audio activated or in silence, without having to edit it before with other apps. It is recognized by an icon with a speaker symbol that appears next to the duration and file size.

silenced videos on whatsapp
Photos: WABeta Info

This function has been found in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android v2.21.3.13, so it hopes to reach the official version very soon.

What is the new tool on WhatsApp Web?

Regarding the web version, WhatsApp is also innovating. Now it is possible to join a Messenger Rooms and communicate with up to 50 people at the same time. You can throw a party online. Find out more about this new feature at this link.

WhatsApp new video calls
Photos: WABeta Info

What other function do you think WhatsApp is missing to add?

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The WhatsApp entry opens 2 functions, one on cell phones and the other in the web version, it appears first on holatelcel.com.

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