WhatsApp incorporates a much-requested enhancement to archived chats

Who is used to archive WhatsApp chats you know that the system has a limitation. Up to now. When a new message arrives, the conversations disappear from this category and rejoin the common list, forcing you to constantly repeat the categorization.

Ending this nuisance was a functionality highly demanded by users. The company has been working on it for more than two years and will finally release a new version in which chats will not be automatically unarchived after receiving a new notification.

WhatsApp Beta It has gradually started to activate the new ‘Archive’ section with this important novelty. The chosen conversations will be muted and archived forever, unless the user indicates otherwise. At the moment, many users still do not find this option available but it will arrive in the coming days and weeks, according to the Xataka portal.

The new version of ‘File’ will incorporate in the first position of the conversation list, the shortcut to Archived, showing the number of new messages on the right. Upon logging in, a new welcome window will appear informing you that archived chats will now always remain in this section with notifications disabled “to reduce interruptions.”

For those who are not convinced with this new option, they cann fall back to the above policy through app settings, where they can activate the archived message to be displayed among the commons when receiving or sending any new communication

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