WhatsApp: How to put a new profile picture without having to crop it?

One of the main reasons why WhatsApp It continues to be the most popular instant messaging app in the world because it is constantly being updated. Developers work daily to implement new features and improve the platform, however they have overlooked the difficulties when wanting to change the profile picture and that it does not fit the size.

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This is a problem that many users have faced, having to edit their profile photos; crop them and adjust them to the indicated size so that they look good on WhatsApp.

If you feel identified with this situation, here we present an alternative to no longer having to cut your favorite photos, just pay close attention!

How to adjust the profile picture on WhatsApp without cropping it?

1. Sign in to google play and download the app ‘Uncropped profile picture’ to your phone.
2. Open the new application and three options will appear, choose the first one on the left.
3. This option will take you to the photo gallery of your phone, to choose the one you want to be your new profile picture.
4. The app will take care of adjusting the image to the ideal size, with the allowed measurements of WhatsApp: 40×140 px and 192x 192 px.
5. Finally, enter WhatsApp and change your profile picture by selecting the image downloaded from ‘Uncropped profile picture’.

WhatsApp profile picture without cropping, Google Play app.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Google Play

The best thing about this simple trick is that ‘Uncropped profile picture’ It is a completely free and secure app, it will not take up much space on your phone’s storage and you can set all the images you want as your WhatsApp profile picture. So try this method and take advantage of the fact that with your Amigo Unlimited Telcel Recharges You have unlimited WhatsApp and the connectivity of #TelcelLaBest Network with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Big changes are coming to WhatsApp, new functions that are already being worked on, such as the possibility of deleting sent messages at any time or being able to react with emojis. So keep an eye out for Hello Telcel to continue learning from one of your favorite applications. 😊

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