WhatsApp: how to import your friends’ sticker packs

Stickers have become an almost essential part of chat communication; and sharing them now could be easier, as WhatsApp launches the possibility of import sticker packages from your friends, we tell you how.

That’s right, after releasing some options such as silencing the videos before sending them or creating our own stickers from some epic photograph, we can now import third-party sticker packages.

import sticker packs from your friends

Import third-party sticker packages

Finally, and after several months, WhatsApp now enables the possibility of importing personalized stickers; both still images and animated designs.

Importing third-party sticker packs allows users to quickly download and import groups of three or more custom stickers.

import sticker packs from your friends

Feature Advances

In fact, in some countries like ours, you will have to wait a bit to see the results; but it is a fact that currently, the WhatsApp team is working to implement this function.

Today it is already a reality for users of the latest betas of the messaging app in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and Iran; So we do not doubt that very soon, users from all over the world will have this possibility; well also WABetaInfo reported that the feature will also be coming to more countries soon.

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import sticker packs from your friends

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How are stickers imported?

For this, external apps are required, such as Sticker Maker to import packages. It is necessary that the selected packs independently contain static stickers or be animated sticker packs, but they are not mixed.

It is also necessary that the stickers of the packages do not exceed the maximum limit established by WhatsApp; and if so, they must be compressed. It is also important that each sticker pack contains at least 3 stickers, otherwise it cannot be imported.

WhatsApp launches the possibility of importing sticker packages from your friends

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Import stickers with Sticker Maker

In fact, Sticker Maker supports the function to generate animated stickers from videos and GIFs. You just need to download the application, create a sticker pack and choose a video or GIF from the camera gallery.

Sticker Maker will automatically convert it into a webp file, ready to be imported into WhatsApp, and now it can be exported to third parties.

import sticker packs from your friends

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So when the time is right, we are ready because we already know what we need to import the packages of those funny foreign stickers that make us laugh so much.

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