WhatsApp: How to disable the speed of the audios?

There are different types of users in WhatsApp. If you are one of those who send and receive a lot of audios during the day, then you will love the recent update, since WhatsApp integrated a function to accelerate the speed of the audiosIdeal for when voice messages are too long or someone is speaking too slowly.

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Users who already have this update available have the option to increase the speed of the audios they receive thanks to new buttons that appear in the profile photo of the person they are chatting with. There are three different speeds: 1X, 1.5X and 2X. But did you know that it can be disabled?

How do the different WhatsApp audio speeds work?

Before explaining how to deactivate them, we will first tell you how the speeds work in WhatsApp audios. It’s very simple and actually fun.

1. You must first update the application to the latest version, in this way you will receive the new function.

2. Once updated, when you receive a new voice message, click on the play button that appears in any audio note.

3. By default, the normal speed: 1X. If you want to accelerate the speed, next to the voice note the icon that indicates the speed appears, press on that button and it will accelerate to 1.5X. And if you press twice, it will increase to twice as fast: 2X.

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How to deactivate this function in WhatsApp?

It is important that you know that the speed of the WhatsApp it remains until you change it manually again. This means that if you play your audio at 1.5X or 2X, it will keep its settings until you change the speed. So if you want to go back to listening to it at normal speed, just press again until it returns to 1X. As simple as that!

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WhatsApp is expected to integrate more news to the platform very soon, so be sure to stay up-to-date on Hello Telcel to find out before anyone else. 😉

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