WhatsApp: How to deactivate your account temporarily?

With the arrival of summer, many users of WhatsApp They begin to think about the holidays, especially being able to take a break from messages and emails from work or school. Luckily, there is a trick with which you can disconnect from WhatsApp, temporarily suspend the application and rest from it as many days as you want.

Resting from WhatsApp when deactivating the account temporarily - Hello Telcel blog

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The “holiday mode” WhatsApp will fulfill this function. However, the development of this new tool continues and at the moment it is not known exactly when it will be available to everyone. So, while WhatsApp continues to work on it, we show you a different alternative to deactivate your account temporarily.

How to force stop WhatsApp on Android

This option is only available on Android phones and consists of force stop the app without uninstalling it, which will allow you to deactivate WhatsApp so that nobody bothers you for a while. For this you have to follow this step by step:

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ from your phone.
2. Select the option that says ‘Applications’.

3. Search and choose the option that says ‘WhatsApp’.

4. Now you must click on the button that says ‘Stop’.

5. A warning message will appear that the application will stop working.
6. Confirm that you are sure to make the stop and voila.

Force stop the application without having to uninstall it.- Blog Hola Telcel

Turn off notifications

Another way to deactivate WhatsApp without having to uninstall the application is by deactivating notifications. So your phone will not be constantly ringing and you can read the messages you receive whenever you want. For it:

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ from your phone.
2. Select the option that says ‘Notifications’.

3. Search and choose the option that says ‘WhatsApp’.

4. Now slide the switch that says ‘Enable notifications’ to disable them.

Deactivate WhatsApp notifications to deactivate the account - Hola Telcel blog

Disconnect data and Wi-Fi

Obviously without an Internet connection the messages or notifications will not reach you, but that implies not having access to the network to use other applications. So it is a great option if you want to disconnect not only from WhatsApp, but from all social networks and disappear for a while.

In order not to receive notifications and WhatsApp messages, it is a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi or data.- Blog Hola Telcel

With these three simple alternatives you can deactivate your WhatsApp account temporarily and enjoy a few days off browsing other apps that you consider your favorites, such as Instagram and Snapchat, taking advantage of the fact that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

Enjoying summer holidays without WhatsApp notifications - Hola Telcel blog

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When the “holiday mode” is enabled in WhatsApp, resting from the application will no longer be a problem. So don’t miss out on Hello Telcel to find out when and how the long-awaited new feature of the app will work.

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