WhatsApp: How to answer automatic messages when you are driving

Even if WhatsApp It has facilitated communication in many ways, the truth is that we are not always available to read and respond to messages. A clear example is at the wheel, since driving and chatting is something that puts us at risk. Luckily, here we share some alternatives to automatically reply to WhatsApp messages without having to touch your phone.

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The best of all is that these tricks are not only exclusive to handle, you can use them in different circumstances, such as when you take a bath, you are on your lunch break, you are in an important job meeting or you study for your next exam.

There are two applications that will allow you to answer messages automatically and read what your contacts send you via WhatsApp. Both are completely safe and you can download them from Google play. Take note! 👀

Automatic responses on WhatsApp!

MyFreeHands to listen to WhatsApp messages

MyFreeHands It is a very comfortable application to use and with various functions, for example, being able to decide if you want to know who writes you and respond or send a programmed message.

The aim of the app is to give the driver more freedom to concentrate on what he is doing and at the same time stay connected via WhatsApp. Users can even block messages from reaching them or, if they want to, reply with an automated message: “Right now I’m driving and I can’t answer you. As soon as I arrive I will answer you ”.

MyFreeHands Google Play application for automatic responses on WhatsApp while driving
Photo: Google Play

MyFreeHands It has two types of service, the free and the premium version, which you can download with a charge to your Telcel Invoice and enjoy all the functionalities of the app.

WhatsAuto to reply to automatic messages

Another great option for these situations is WhatsAuto, a completely free app available for Android and iOS. You can configure it to start responding to chats automatically, add personalized messages and set a schedule for them to be sent every time they write to you.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and the automatic responses will be activated in your WhatsApp:

1. Download WhatsAuto to your phone.
2. Open the application and select “Automatic answer on”.

3. You can keep the default message of the app or edit it to your liking in the section of “Auto reply text.”

4. Done. Automatic replies will appear in your chats when you are driving or not available.

WhatsAuto app Google Play automatic responses WhatsApp
Photo: Google Play

Whichever app you prefer to use, remember that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan You have Double the Gigas to be connected anytime and anywhere, as well as connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

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It is expected that WhatsApp will soon integrate automatic responses to the platform, so as not to have to use external apps and configure messages directly from the application. Do you like the idea? 😊

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