WhatsApp: How to activate the “stealth mode” that hides the “writing”

WhatsApp allows us to be in communication and chat with our favorite people, regardless of distances. However, there are conversations that make us plan our responses a little more, for example when telling your mother why you are going to arrive later or telling your partner where you want to go for dinner today. Whatever your reason, sometimes you might want to hide the legend “… he’s writing”, in this way you could write your message without the other person seeing that you have not yet decided what to answer. Here we explain how to activate the “stealth mode” in WhatsApp.

How to activate stealth mode that hides typing

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How to activate the “stealth mode” to hide ‘… is writing’ a chat in WhatsApp

Discover the two easiest ways to hide the legend of “… is typing” that appears at the top of a chat, either individual or in a group.

1. Flychat

In this option, you will need the help of a Google Play app. With this tool you will activate the “stealth mode” so that nobody can see you online and keep hidden the ‘… is writing’.

How to activate the

The app is called Flychat and you can download it taking advantage of the Gigas of your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

This tool is based on floating windows so that you can use WhatsApp without entering the messaging app, in this way you keep yourself secret.

2. Airplane mode

This is a trick that requires only a few steps to help you type without anyone knowing.

  • Open your WhatsApp and enter the chat where you are going to write.
  • Activate airplane mode on the mobile.
  • Go back to WhatsApp and inside the chat write your message, it takes as long as you want.
  • Press send and exit WhatsApp.
  • Now, reactivate your mobile data again and your message will be sent automatically, without your contact seeing when you were writing it.

Now that you know these two tricks, which one are you going to use first?

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