WhatsApp: How to access hidden features and try them first?

One of the main objectives of WhatsApp is to be constantly updated, integrating tools and functions that satisfy the wishes and needs of its more than two billion users around the world. For this, the app has a beta version of WhatsApp, where the next new features to be launched are tested.

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Best of all, you can be part of the beta version of WhatsApp What tester and test the new features to come much sooner. In addition, you have the possibility to share your opinions and be part of the changes that WhatsApp has.

WhatsApp and how to be among the first to try the new features- HolaTelcel Blog

If you are already convinced that you want to participate in the WhatsApp beta program, here we share the step by step for devices Android or ios. Pay close attention!

WhatsApp beta for iOS phones

1. Enter the app TestFlight, available on the App Store.
2. Once you have it installed on your device, click on the button ‘Continue’ to start the process.
3. An explanation will appear on how the app works and on how to accept invitations to beta versions and give your opinion. Read them carefully.
4. Accept the terms and conditions.
5. Next, you will have to enter the invitation link of the WhatsApp beta and click on the option ‘Start testing’.
6. This will take you to the page that will allow you to install the beta version.
7. Done. Now you will be part of the program and you will receive updates before the others.

WhatsApp beta for tests with iOS devices- HolaTelcel Blog

WhatsApp beta for Android phones

1. Sign up for the beta program from your Android device from the website play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp

2. Click the button ‘Become tester‘.

3. From this moment on, Google Play will show you the term “beta” next to the name of WhatsApp. That means you will receive updates before anyone else.

WhatsApp beta for Android device testers- HolaTelcel Blog

As you may have noticed, the procedure is very simple. Also, don’t forget that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks, such as WhatsApp, as well as the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Become a beta tester and live the experience of receiving hidden functions of the app, as well as giving your opinion before its official launch! 😉

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