WhatsApp: How does the new ‘Advanced Search’ work?

During the last few weeks, WhatsApp has been in premiere, starting with the options to change the speed of the audios and now with a new “advanced search”. The latter has a specific objective: to make it easier for users to use WhatsApp and attract more people to the platform.

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WhatsApp search engine, new app update.  - HolaTelcel Blog

The new WhatsApp features They want more users to feel satisfied with the services of the instant messaging app, especially those who chose to move to Telegram or Signal due to the new security conditions that the application implemented on May 15. As a first step is the ‘advanced search’ and here we tell you everything about it. 👇

What is the new WhatsApp ‘Advanced Search’?

With this function, searches through WhatsApp they will be able to be executed more precisely, since it gives users the ability to filter by file type, contact, content, or even keywords. This will make it easier to locate a photo, link, video or document among all the chats.

New filters for the advanced search of WhatsApp, photos, videos, links, GIFs, audios, etc. - HolaTelcel Blog

How does WhatsApp’s ‘Advanced Search’ work?

Due to the large number of files that are shared daily in different conversations, finding something specific is not always easy. The ‘advanced search ‘for WhatsApp allows you to filter content and this is how it works:

1. Open WhatsApp from your phone.
2. Press the magnifying glass icon to do a new search.
3. Select the type of file you want to search for (photos, videos, links, GIF, audio, or documents).
4. Enter a keyword to find it.
5. Wait for the application to display the results.
6. Click on the file you want and the app will take you to the conversation in which the content was sent.

Example of advanced WhatsApp search with the word "Frida"- HolaTelcel Blog

The new search has been officially launched and is available for devices Android and ios. So if you don’t get it yet, be sure to update the app to the newest version via Google play and you will automatically receive the advanced search among your tools.

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The most popular instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, is going through a renovation phase, so many more features are expected to come to the platform soon. Do not stop being aware of Hello Telcel to know them all. 😉

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