WhatsApp Fouad: the app with which you can hide ‘Typing’ and more

Shortly after WhatsApp became such a popular app, they began to create multiple alternative versions that offer a series of functionalities that the official application has not implemented so far. The new modification of the original version is called WhatsApp Fouad and it has caused a lot of interest.

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What are the functions offered by WhatsApp Fouad?

According to the official site of WhatsApp Fouad, these are the functions that you can enjoy when downloading the alternative app:

Anti-ban system: means WhatsApp Fouad technology can bypass WhatsApp blocking. Previously, the official application issued a statement to warn that users who install unofficial WhatsApp applications will not be able to use the official application again. However, according to the website of the alternative app, this would not happen.

On the contrary, the official application would simply be changed to the alternative app, keeping your contacts and chats.

You can modify the design: So far in the official WhatsApp app you can only change the wallpaper of the chats, however with this modified version you could change the display of the chats and the main screen.

You can change the chats wallpaper and the main screen in this alternative WhatsApp app- Blog Hola Telcel

Hidden Archived Conversations: Archived conversations will not appear at the top of your chat history.

Greater number of configurations: In addition to being able to hide if you are ‘Online’, you can also configure WhatsApp Fouad to choose if you want your contacts to see ‘Writing’ when you compose a message or ‘Recording audio’ when you record a voice message.

Is it safe to download this alternative WhatsApp application?

Despite how attractive these functions can be, some cyber security specialists have recommended not to use or download the apps with WhatsApp modifications since some users have detected flaws in their mobile devices. In addition, they can be the entry of viruses that damage the software of your cell phone.

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For now, if you have used an alternative app, tell us, what was your experience when downloading and using it?

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