WhatsApp: Find out which places your friend visits while chatting with you

WhatsApp allows us Keep in contact with our favorite people, since you can share moments or spend time talking; but did you know that you can also know the exact location of your contact while chatting with you? Find out how to do it.

how to know the location of someone in whatsap

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There are several reasons why this WhatsApp function will be quite useful, either because you are indicating how to get to a friend somewhere, because you want to know how far away someone is who you are waiting for or you simply want to know if someone you love much is on the right path home, after a party.

someone's location on whatsapp

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How to know the location of the friend you chat with on WhatsApp?

Being able to know which places your WhatsApp friend visits or in which direction they are going, is very simple, the best thing is that you will not need to download additional apps. Just follow these simple steps.

  • The first thing you should do is download the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Then ask the friend you are chatting with to send you their current location.
  • He should click on the clip and click where it says “Location”.
  • When the map opens, you will see options: to share your exact location or your location in real time.
  • To know what places you visit and your route, you will need to select the real-time location option.
  • It’s that easy, you will begin to visualize where that friend of yours is and what places he visits using only WhatsApp.

how to share location on whatsapp

Isn’t it easier than you imagined? Share this trick with your family and friends so they always stay connected.

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