WhatsApp Deep Links: What are they and how do they work in stickers?

Since the stickers arrived at WhatsAppThese have become an important part of the application, facilitating communication between users. In addition, saving them is extremely simple, you just have to choose the item, leave it pressed and wait for the save option to appear. But now the Deep links, to share complete sticker packs with a single movement.

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The WhatsApp Deep Links it is a new feature that is being worked on. With them you can create a type of link to interact in the application and exchange stickers with your contacts. The objective is to facilitate the process of sharing stickers and get those that may only be available in other countries.

How do WhatsApp Deep Links work?

Thanks to information shared by WABeta Info, today we know that Deep links They will not only have the option to exchange stickers, but also install functions, such as creating a group and inviting users to join, sharing Facebook stores, sharing phone numbers or exchanging WhatsApp Business contacts.

WhatsApp Web Deep Links example Vaccines for everyone

For now they have only been enabled for sticker packs. For example, WhatsApp recently added a new collection of stickers called “Vaccine for all” or “Vaccines for all”. However, it has arrived gradually in some parts of the world, so some users do not have it yet.

To obtain them you will simply have to enter this link: wa.me/stickerpack/VaccinesForAll , a link named Deep link which is completely safe and from which you can purchase the new stickers.

WhatsApp Deep Links packs stickers Vaccines for Everyone

In this way you can search for complete sticker packs with the official name they bear, respecting upper and lower case letters and increase your collection easily and safely. Furthermore, these Deep links you can share them with your friends, taking advantage of that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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It is expected that very soon Deep links are officially enabled in WhatsApp, to make the most of them, interact with more users and learn about the hidden functions that the app has. 😉

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