WhatsApp audios can now arrive with text transcription

WhatsApp audios have taken a leading role among the various functions of the messaging service. However, the excessive use of this tool has also led to new needs in users.

For more than four years, the WhatsApp audios they can last up to 15 minutes. Since then, they have been a key tool to communicate, especially when you want to optimize time and make a series of requests, specifications or explanations that could take longer if you write an email or message.

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However, there are times when we need to listen to them again and it may also take you longer to find the exact part you need. There are even voice notes that we cannot hear on the speaker and we necessarily need to use headphones.

WhatsApp audios may have automatic transcription - Hola Telcel Blog

That is why WhatsApp is now working on a new function that will save you a lot of time, since you can choose between listening to the audio or reading the transcript of it.

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You will no longer need another app to transcribe WhatsApp audios

Although there are several applications that transcribe audios, most of them have a monthly cost and, in addition, you must download the WhatsApp audios and carry out a more complex process.

Now, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new function that will allow you to receive voice notes and their verbatim transcription at the same time. According to this first report, iOS devices will be the first to use this new tool.

How will the transcription of the voice memos work?

As reported by WABetaInfo, the company in charge of making the transcription will be Apple, not Facebook, which owns WhatsApp.

In addition, as can be seen in the screenshot, the transcripts will arrive at the same time as the audio and will be saved on the device instantly in a section called ‘Transcription’, in which you can search for specific parts of a message.

Transcription of WhatsApp voice notes is a new update - Hello Telcel Blog
WABetaInfo Screenshot

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At the moment, it is not known when this new function could arrive in the application. But don’t stop being aware of Hello Telcel, where we will inform you as soon as the official announcement or many more details arrive. In the meantime tell us, what other features would you like WhatsApp to implement?

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