WhatsApp: Advantages of the new function to listen to audio in 3 speeds

WhatsApp is working on a function to listen to voice audios quickly by adjusting the playback in 3 different speeds. But what will be the advantage of using this new tool? Here we tell you more about it.

WhatsApp tests three playback speeds

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Whatsapp has made an update of the beta version of its app for iOS in which it has incorporated the function of being able to adjust the playback speed of voice notes. According WABetaInfo, the option to accelerate the audios will have three different modes, the platform is testing a 1.5x playback speed and another double speed (2x) in addition to the standard playback speed, on the condition that the audios do not extend more than 15 minutes.

WhatsApp tests three playback speeds for voice messages
Photo: WABetaInfo

Advantages of being able to hear WhatsApp voice messages quickly

    • The first thing is to save time, for example when a friend tells you how her first date with a boy went, you will be able to find out everything in a shorter time.
    • You will find important information, for example if your boss sends you an audio explaining the report that you should have ready for a meeting, when you have a question, you can increase the speed and find a necessary piece of information in half the time.
    • Listening to an audio at a higher speed helps to improve your concentration, since you must be able to capture more information in less time.

Now that you know this information, stay tuned for the official launch of the tool, both on iOs and Android soon.

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