WhatsApp: 3 ways to listen to an audio without the other person knowing

Thanks to the option to disable read receipts in WhatsAppDon’t let the popcorn be marked in blue, many people enjoy their privacy and chat without leaving someone “in sight”. However, this function does not apply to WhatsApp audios and once you hear them they are marked in blue.

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Let someone on WhatsApp be seen

If someone sends you a WhatsApp audio, they will always know when you have already heard it, even without answering. Luckily there are three simple tricks that we share here to avoid the latter; where you can listen to WhatsApp audios without the other person knowing.

How to listen to a WhatsApp audio without anyone noticing?

1. Forward the audio to another chat or contact

The first option is to share the audio you received to another trusted contact and listen to it from your account. By doing this, the audio is not sent in WhatsApp format, rather as an external file. This will prevent the blue popcorn from being marked.

WhatsApp audios

2. Forward the audio to a chat with yourself

If you have a chat with yourself on WhatsApp, you can also forward the audio to yourself and listen to it from there whenever you want and as many times as you want. In fact, having a chat with yourself is very useful, since you can use it as a notepad or as reminders.

3. Forward WhatsApp audio to Telegram

Another possibility is to forward that same audio to your Telegram account, so you can listen to it quietly at any time you want without the other person finding out or leaving it in sight.

Telegram audios

The best thing about these three alternatives is that they are simple tricks that you can do from WhatsApp, you don’t need external apps and they work perfectly. In addition, this way you can take advantage of the fact that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend You have unlimited social networks and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage to send and receive audios as many times as you want.

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Share this information with your friends if they also want to listen to audios without the other person knowing and without being left wondering what they are saying. 🤭

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