What was the first movie you saw on Netflix? So you can find out

Netflix is one of the platforms of streaming leaders in the entertainment world. There are hundreds of movies and series, of various genres, that are available on the platform. But did you know that Netflix offers the possibility of knowing what is the complete content that you have seen since you opened an account?

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Minion What?

Those who have a great memory will be able to remember what was the first movie or series they saw in Netflix, but if you are not one of the lucky ones, Netflix has shared a step by step to find out. Follow this simple procedure and you will be able to access the complete history of the platform.

What was the first movie or series you saw on Netflix?

1. Login to your account Netflix from the desktop version.
2. Click on your profile picture, located in the upper right corner.

Netflix account, profile, desktop version

3. Select the option Account and then go to the section My profile.

4. In this category you will find the option Display activity, where you will see the list of the complete Netflix history. Also, it is possible to hide the content you want.

Viewing activity, series and movies

5. To see everything you have seen on the digital platform, from the date you created your account, you can click on Download all.

Movies and series, Netflix viewing activity

6. A file in Excel format will be downloaded to your computer, where you will discover the first movie or series you saw from your profile and the viewing date.

It is important that you know that, if you have seen a title from the Netflix catalog again, or have seen it repeatedly, it will only appear in the list the last time you clicked play.

Netflix screen

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